birth class

Mind to Body Birthing

Having a baby is intimate. The bond between couples that created this life growing inside you is intimate. When these strong connections are used to create a safe, calm, supported, prepared environment amazing things happen. We then gain the ability to replace fear with knowledge and preparation. These classes will prepare you and your birth partner for the journey ahead.

This is not hypnobirthing

Labor & Birth Workshop

We know sometimes a couple can’t commit to a 10 week course, so we offer a labor and birth workshop inspired by our Mind to Body birthing classes.. In this 6 hour class we go over all the essentials and teach everything you will need to know. This is also great for the last minute couples or anyone past 26 weeks. We also offer private sessions.


Postpartum Doula Services

Take a deep breath. We are here for you. Bringing home a new baby can be scary, sometimes we work so hard to prepare for the birth we forget to think about what happens after our bundle of joy is born. We forget to think about our healing and transitioning. That's why we are here to offer much needed support.

Force of Nature offers a highly-trained, experienced professional who provides nurturing support to families as they transition to parenthood.


Let's Get Some Sleep

Sleep is so import to the healing and growing of the human body. So teaching your little to sleep is very important. If your finding yourself healing from birth, sleep deprived and over-whelmed your in the right place. We work closely with the family to create a customized plan, using a gentle holistic approach. Lets get sleeping again and get our sanity back.