Support Doesn't End After Birth. We Are Here to Help with the Transition

Take a deep breath. We are here for you. Bringing home a new baby can be scary, sometimes we work so hard to prepare for the birth we forget to think about what happens after our bundle of joy is born. We forget to think about our healing and transitioning. That's why we are here to offer much needed support.

Force of Nature offers a highly-trained, experienced professional who provides nurturing support to families as they transition to parenthood. Check out our postpartum doula services, and infant and toddler sleep consulting.

Postpartum Doula Services

Mothering the Mother

  • Helping with baby so mom can focus on self-care and find balance

  • Lactation support to ensure calm and successful breastfeeding experience

  • Nurture and support mom on an emotional & physical level

  • Managing the nursery needs for baby, restocking and organizing

  • Performing basic household duties

    • Laundry
    • Nutritious meals for mom to help with energy, healing and breastfeeding
    • lite cleaning
  • organizing moms space to make sure needs are at an arms reach

  • Referrals for parenting classes, lactation specialist, support groups, pediatricians, etc 
postpartum care

Newborn Care/Support

  • Establishing gentle sleep assistance for your baby

  • Happiest Baby on the Block techniques to soothe & calm a fussy/crying baby

  • Help recognize your baby's cues

  • Assisting with baby care, diapering, feeding & bathing (Newborn care)

  • Demonstrating best techniques for baby massage

  • Guidance with baby wearing & swaddling

Family Support

  • Comprehensive hands-on infant care

  • Empower parents to establish predictable patterns as they adapt to new reality

  • Answering parenting questions & providing local resources

  • Providing expertise to empower the family unit

  • Assisting family in hiring & training a nanny

  • Assisting a new Dad with giving support to Mom and Baby

We offer our doula services hourly, with a minimum of 2 hours at $40 per hour, however we recommend 4 hours for our doula to have time for full support.


Infant & Toddler Sleep Consulting

Sleep baby sleep. A newborn wont be mature enough to switch their days to nights until about 8-weeks, which we can thankfully assist with. On top of that they wake every 1-3 hours to eat. By their second month of life a newborn is capable of sleeping up-to 6 hour stretches. We are here to help you get that stretch with: newborn soothing, baby wearing to promote better sleep, nursery setup and tweaks so sleep is promoted, schedule creation, etc... Your sanity is important to us. Let us help you get back to sleep. Click here to see sleep consulting packages