We know sometimes a couple can’t commit to a 10-week series, so we offer a labor and birth workshop inspired by our Mind to Body reconnection. In this 1 day 6 hours of class time. We go over all the essentials and teach you everything you will need to know. This is also great for last-minute couples or anyone past 26 weeks. We also offer private sessions.

The Focus is on...

  • Pain management techniques for each stage of labor and birth
  • Breathing techniques
  • Training for your birth partner
  • In-depth understanding of all stages of labor and what to do
  • Most effective/comfortable positions for labor and birth
  • Birth plan
  • How to communicate with your birth team/HCP
  • Variations and unexpected situations
  • After care for mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding

If you have more time and want to do a full, in-depth comprehensive 10-week series, click here here.