We do not accept insurance, however we will write out a detailed receipt to send to your insurance company for reimbursement or payment from your medical spending account.

Private or Catch up Classes:
We offer private classes upon request, please contact me by phone or email for pricing and details. Catch up classes are great if you are further along in your pregnancy and need to catch up if some classes were missed, or you need a crash course. For catch up or crash courses please contact me with questions and details.

What you need to bring to class:
We do a lot of interactive activities on the floor, such as pregnancy stretches/workouts, labor rehearsals, and fun interactive games. I suggest dressing comfortably or in workout clothing that you can move freely in. The key to preparing for birth is practice. We go over pregnancy safe stretches and workouts. I suggest bringing two pillows or a body pillow. I like to give a small 10 minutes break, so Mama's can chat and get to know one another. We love to create lasting support and friendships.

Birth Partners
Your partner is vital to a successful labor and birth. Your birth partner is going to be the person that is your voice when you can't vocalize your wishes, concerns, and needs. This is going to be the person you depend on the most. We take the role of a birth partner very seriously. This is most of the time your husband, close friend, or family member. Someone you are 100% comfortable around. Please call us for details.


We do not offer refunds, but if you experience unforeseen incidents that causes you to not be able to finish the entire series, I offer the amount per class not taken towards another Force of Nature OC service.